What does your participation in this FIU nutrition research (MetA-Bone Trial) entail?

Study Supplement

The fiber supplement is a common fiber used in many foods that comes in a tasteless powder form. Participants only need to add 1 scoop of the powder to any beverage of their choice. It will not change the flavor, color, or texture of the beverage. We also have the fiber supplement combined with a flavored sugary powder in case participants prefer it this way; participants only need to add 1 scoop to water. All participants need to drink this twice per day for 1 year.

Randomization to the supplements

Participants will be randomized into one of four supplements:

  1. Soluble corn fiber supplement
  2. Soluble corn fiber supplement + calcium
  3. Maltodextrin (placebo)
  4. Maltodextrin (placebo) + calcium

All supplements come in powder, they are flavorless, and they are very similar in appearance. Participants just need to add 1 scoop to the beverage of their choice.

Study visits

Participants are required to come to FIU 3 times and we will meet with you at a convenient location 3 times as described below.